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  • Compact Design-Full port offers mass flow
  • Simple structure,Light & Smooth ” Takes ver low Torque
  • Easy maintenance,Replaceable Seal Design
  • Self Sealing,Self Cleaning,The under cut Disc Segment and Seal Tends to wipe Away The material from the Sealing Area
  • Gland pressing plate- Ensures complete utilization of gland seals.
  • Sperical Disc Valve has been proved as Superior to other valve in many Aspects,particularly in
  • Weight
  • Space
  • Pressure Rang
  • Multiple Operations
  • Maintenance Ease
  • Torque & Economy


  • Double Eccentric Disc Design Construction
  • Heavy Duty Wafer and Lugged Body Design Options
  • Bi-Directional Shut-Off Performance
  • Available in 4 Seat Design Options:-Soft seated,Fire safe & Metal to metal (2 versions)
  • Two piece Shaft for Maximum Flow and Minimum heal loss
  • Single piece Shaft for Greater Accuracy and less disc deflection under high pressure
  • Accessible Packing adjustment without Operator Removal
  • Fast and Simple Seat Replacement
  • Quadruple Shaft bearings to ensure stability during high pressure, high cycle Applications


  • Double Off-Set Design to minimize seat wear and extended seal life.
  • Available in Investment  Cast(up to 16″) & sand cast(up to 48″)
  • Positive Sealing which is mechanically achieved and does not rely on line pressure assistance
  • Compact Design, Minimizes Weight,Installation and maintenance Cast.
  • Suitable for mono-directional use on end-of-line Service.
  • Long life durability due to double off-set operation principal minimizing seat wear.
  • Uninterrupted Gasket Surface.
  • Valve most suitable to provide the ultimate dependable economical flow control.
Size in mm Pressure Rating
40 mm to 90 mm Class 150,PN10,PN16
40 mm to 900 mm Class 300, PN25,PN40
  • Available seat design option:-Soft Seated , Fire Safe and Metal seat
  • METAL TO METAL:-Combination of seat and disc materials suitable
    up to 600 C Seat Leakage Rate Class IV as per ASME/FCI 70-2


Applicable Standards:-

 Design & Manufacturing  AIP 609 Category B/MSS-SP-68
 Valve Face to Face  Dimensions    AIP 609 Category B/ANSI B 61.10
  ISO 5752 Series-20/MSS SP-68(TYPE 2)
 Flange Standard  Conformity   ANSI B16.5/ASME/ANSI B16.47(Series A)
 Inspecting & testing    API 598/BS 6755/ANSI FCI 70/2
 Fire-Safe Testing   API-607
 Pressure Temperature  Rating   Rating ANSI B16.34
Top Flange Dimensions   Bolt Hole ISO 5211
 Stem Dimensions   Square Drive to ISO 5211
 Leakage Class   Class IV & Class VI as per ANSI B16.104
  ANSI FCI-70-2

Material of construction :-

 Size   Range 40 mm to 1200 mm
 Construction Type   Double Eccentric Disc Design
 Body   A-216 WCB/A-315 CF8/A-351 CF8M/Etc…
 Disc   A-216 WCB/A-315 CF8/A-351 CF8M/Etc…
  NBR/Imported Plastic/Metal to Meatl/fire safe
 Shaft   AISI 410/AISI 304/AISI 316/ Etc…
 Pressure   Rating 150# PN10/PN 16/300#PN25/PN40
 End Connection   Wafer Sandwiched & Lug Type
 Opertation Temp.Range   -250 C to 1800 C(Soft Seating)
  -250 C to 6000 C(Metal Seating)
 Opertation   Lever Operated,Manual Warm Gear,
  & Electrical Actuator